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I was born in 1965 in Sussex, England. In 1977 I moved with my parents to the Isle of Man, an island in the Irish Sea between the UK and Ireland. I am the youngest of the family, and my brothers and sisters (including stepbrothers and stepsisters) had all left home before we moved. After leaving school I went to university, first at Cambridge and then Birmingham.


At Birmingham I became interested in alternative and Green politics. My Ph.D. studies seemed to be going nowhere, and so I stopped after a year. Later I did an M.Sc. at Sussex University and worked for a year in the steel industry in Teesside.


I then returned to Birmingham and became active in alternative projects. In 1999 I moved to Utrecht in the Netherlands to work in Dutch alternative projects, returning to the UK in 2004.


As well as English, I speak Dutch, German and French, as well as a little Spanish.


If you have any questions, you can e-mail me. My e-mail address is stuart followed by the @ sign and stuartfield.info

(I am not quoting it literally in order to reduce spam.)



Looking for a different Stuart Field?


While the name Stuart Field is not as common as, say, John Brown, there are a few of us around. If you’re looking for a different Stuart Field, try one of the following:


The Colorado professor specializing in superconductivity is Stuart B. Field

If you are after someone else in the UK, try looking for Stuart Field on LinkedIn

The University of Dayton (in the US state of Ohio ) used to have a Stuart Field sports complex


There is a Scottish village called Stuartfield with a primary school


If your name is also Stuart Field and you would like me to include a link to your website, please let me know.