Alternative projects I have been closely involved in


Radical Routes – a network of co-ops working for social change. I helped set up their ethical/social investment scheme, allowing people to use some of their spare savings to support co-operative projects. Supporters can now do this by buying shares in Rootstock, a separate co-op which I helped to set up. Rootstock is a member of Radical Routes.


Vereniging Solidair – a Dutch federation of co-ops, rather similar to Radical Routes. They too are developing an ethical/social investment scheme. I worked for a consultancy firm, de Verandering, which is part of Vereniging Solidair.


World Information Service on Energy – Amsterdam (WISE) – an NGO which provides information about nuclear power from an anti-nuclear perspective. It also helps organize campaigns both in the Netherlands and internationally. It is associated with the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) in Washington, D.C. and has an international network of active supporters known as “relays”.


Other projects which I have had a hand in


UK Confederation of Co-operative Housing – represents UK housing co-ops nationally. I was once on the committee.


Trinity Housing Resource Centre – helps local people in the Handsworth and Lozells districts of Birmingham with housing problems. I was the treasurer for a time before I left the UK in 1999.


Stichting Nadorst – an arts trust in the Netherlands which promotes the combination of two different art forms (e.g. poetry and dance).